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The latest news, updates, and changes to the Aksara Design Language System.


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Wicara v0.7.0

Wicara v0.7.0 - "Madeline"

Wicara 0.7, codenamed “Madeline”, is the new beta release for Wicara. In this release, we’re focusing on including some new components, bug fixes, as well as many architectural improvements.


  • Upgraded to styled-components v4.0. Styled-components v4.0 introduced a lot of changes and new features. We will upgrade Wicara to this version to make use of these new features, as well as to prepare for further architectural improvements.
  • Refactored theme variables. Rewrote theme + resets due to the changes in typings for styled-components v4. Implemented createGlobalStyle as global resets. Renamed variables to be more structured.
  • Cleaned up Layout styles. This cleans up the layout styles further and brings the styles from our main platform to here. Also added an <AppRoot /> component, which aliases the new <Wrapper /> component for backwards compatibility.
  • Added Skeleton component. This displays a placeholder elements for stuff still loading. Currently only supports loading texts, but in future release we’ll add support for images.
  • New starter kit! Clone the starter kit here for a quickstart on building apps with Wicara.

Read our documentation to get started on Wicara 0.7. Also, don’t forget to star and fork us on GitHub. Your contributions help make Wicara better!

Aksara v0.18.1

Aksara (Kata Design Language System) release v0.18.1

aksara /ak·sa·ra/ noun
is a system of visual symbol, usually stamped on paper or other media (stone, wood, leaf, and fabric), to express thoughts and ideas.

Aksara is the name for the Kata Design Language System. The goal behind Aksara is to create expressive interactions and delightful experiences. Aksara contains foundations, voice and tone guidelines, component standards, and other guidelines that systematically improve quality, timeliness, and consistency to the product.

We excited to announce our first release for version 0.18.1 of Aksara. We release this on Interact 2018 event (December 5th, 2018). Aksara consist of 7 Foundation and 21 Components. Aksara gives extensive documentation regarding all design direction used in the kata.ai products. We will continue to update continuously for the better development of our products.

Wicara v0.6.0 (Beta)

Wicara (beta) in Storybook, modal & drawer accessibility improvements

wicara /wi·ca·ra/ noun
is a series of voices in a language used to communicate words and sentences.

Wicara (previously kata-kit) is an implementation of Aksara using the React framework. It is the true implementation of Aksara in raw code form, designed to communicate with users and bring delightful experiences. Wicara is the designation for Aksara React components.

We documented Wicara (beta) using Storybook, The UI Development Environment. Check this link to find out more about Wicara: https://wicara-storybook.netlify.com/

The Modal and Drawer components have been updated with much-needed accessibility improvements:

  • Made modal/drawer closable by pressing the escape button. This is crucial for easy access for people with no access to a mouse.
  • Used correct ARIA roles/attributes.
  • Trap focus inside the modal/drawer. This traps focus inside the modal/drawer when switching between elements inside the modal/drawer with the Tab key.