Aksara Logo


The colors in our palette come from our brand and the authenticity of craftsmanship from our design team. We always enhance the user experience from the brand, marketing to the product into a single unified within the Kata Design Language System.


Primary colors are the main colors and used to define our brand. It used in Kata Platform for the main button, actions, links, and navigation.



C03 - cobalt03

Dark Cobalt


C02 - cobalt02



C01 - cobalt01

Light Cobalt

Kata Blue


K03 - kata03

Dark Kata


K02 - kata02



K01 - kata01

Light Kata


Our secondary palette consists of green, red and yellow which are creatively named with references from nature. The green palette is used for successful conditions, the red palette is for error conditions, and the yellow palette is used for warning and draw attention conditions. The secondary palette is used in the following components: action buttons, warning messages, labels, tags, badges, and form validation.

Lizard - Green


G03 - green03

Green Iguana


G02 - green02



G01 - green01


Tomato - Red


R03 - red03

Tomato Ketchup


R02 - red02

Fresh Tomato


R01 - red01

Cherry Tomato

Bee - Yellow


Y03 - yellow03

Carpenter Bee


Y02 - yellow02



Y01 - yellow01

Honey Bee


The neutral palette is used as an additional color palette in Kata Platform. It is used in text, lines, background and support button. Neutral palettes do also use for something we don’t want to draw too much attention to certain sections or convey information for disable mode.

Asphalt - Dark Neutral


N09 - neutral09

Rainy Asphalt


N08 - neutral08

Warm Asphalt


N07 - neutral07

Porous Asphalt

Smoke - Mid Neutral


N06 - neutral06

Wildfire Smoke


N05 - neutral05

Gas Smoke


N04 - neutral04

Vape Smoke

Ghost - Light Neutral


N03 - neutral03

Spooky Ghost


N02 - neutral02



N01 - neutral01